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Since 2010 I’ve volunteered to make portraits of Holocaust Survivors participating in The Sunshine Circle Foundation in the Palm Springs area.

In recent years I’ve been horrified to see intolerance and the numbers of Holocaust deniers grow and I’m grateful to bear witness to these inspirational people and to learn about each person’s journey from the light to the bleakest dark and, at the end of their days, to the beautiful desert light.

It’s been a privilege to meet these desert dwellers – not only survivors of the Holocaust but also members of a dwindling generation of American immigrants. They love their country and don’t miss an opportunity to express their appreciation for the American forces that liberated the camps that imprisoned them as well as the sanctuary and opportunity that America has offered them since that time.  

In conversations about the Holocaust they often say, “I survived because I was lucky.” Listening to them tell their stories, or even a great joke, I believe they are here because they are Survivors in the truest sense of the word.