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Palm Springs > The Good Life Goes On is now a monograph published by Kehrer Verlag. Click here to purchase a signed book or a book with a limted edition print.

The dreamy Palm Springs vibe washes over the traveler at the first sight from land or air of the vast windmill farm sprouting from the Southern California desert, surrounding the town like guards at the gate to paradise.

Palm Springs > The Good Life Goes On, I pick up where I left off in my series The Good Life > Palm Springs (Kehrer 2014), documenting, with a positive bias, my ongoing and endless discoveries of my second home and its community of mid century modern enthusiasts. This large and tight-knit group of self-proclaimed modernists are committed to the mid century modern life style and the preservation of its architecture. Their homes, cars, and clothes pay homage to this carefree post-World War II time in US history that glows warmly in their vintage rear view mirrors. Many of these Modernists weren’t born yet in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but they find comfort in this reenactment of gentler times.

These informal images casually document the carefree Palm Springs lifestyle as though captured in passing, in the seemingly effortless way that most things happen in Palm Springs.