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In good times and bad, our best friends are there for support, therapy, and unconditional love. Especially now--where would we be without our dogs? Although the so-called modernists of Palm Springs embrace the serenity of life in post WWII America, the sometimes-harsh realities of contemporary life are impossible to ignore. These mid twentieth century re-enactors are often transplants, enjoying the Palm Springs lifestyle with their dogs and friends as their chosen family. The beautiful climate, wide-open spaces, and clean décor make the perfect home for their desert pets that are as lovingly groomed and cared-for as their surroundings.


For the many years that Palm Springs has been my second home I’ve been documenting the endlessly intriguing lifestyle beyond its resorts. As a Chicago native, my fascination and appreciation for this desert oasis is magnified and unwaning. The community has welcomed my camera and me into their homes, perfect odes to mid century modern American design. The dogs of the house often follow me around and wander into my camera frame, adding warmth and life to the image as they do to their homes. In these pages I have put these precious pups in the spotlight where they belong.